Flagrant feline

Cats are funny animals. You can’t say that you don’t like cats because, just like people, no two are the same. They all have different personalities. I have four and they are all different. One in particular, which this post refers to is nicknamed Mr. Annoying. He does things quite intentionally to get my attention. Cats are not dumb! Example. Because I don’t have an ideal place to put my cats’ bowls they are in my master bathroom; hence, adjacent to my master bedroom. When this particular cat wants to eat and his bowl is empty (bowls are ceramic), he just rocks it repeatedly to make it known. This could be cute but unfortunately it usually happens in the wee hours of the morning when I am sound asleep. If I get up and shut the door, then he makes his next move which is playing with a toy that has a ball that spins around in a circular channel. THAT usually does the trick! Sidney, his real name, is on the road to obesity at best.

Another annoying habit of his is plopping down next to my large dog and strategically placing his rear end within reach for a butt bath–ugh! His favorite time to do this is when I’m talking on the phone and, of course, the dog is just a foot away from me.

Sidney, Sammy, Lexie (in bed)