Dogs!  I became a dog owner nearly eleven years ago.  As it happened, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a fur-baby needed a home.  I tend to think with my heart and not my head in these situations and, well, I became a dog mama to a lab/husky mix whom I named Jake.  People kept telling me he’d calm down after a couple years and, while he has calmed down substantially,  he is still a restless pup with a bad case of A.D.D.  What IS it with dogs?  They are the opposite of cats!  They are constantly waiting and anticipating … wanting to know what my next move will be and they are always within just a couple of feet from me.  And I have not one but two that do that.  Beau is just as bad.  Oh, the stories I could tell you about Beau (and I will).  He is quite a character and magician.