Currently, I’m using this site as a test for my WordPress project.  Having had this domain for years, I’ve changed directions and will make this a place where I can share my love of animals (critters of all kinds – including the feathered variety), as well as the things I enjoy … web design, nature, African violets, and recipes!!

Who am I? I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), animal lover, tree hugger, believe in God; baby boomer and rock ‘n roll diehard. I’m a serious person but have a great sense of humor. On the Myers-Briggs test I fall under ISTJ or ISFJ (T= Thinker, F=Feeler) … I being equivalent to Introvert. If you’re not familiar with the personality references, you can go here Myers Briggs; the description of the ISTJ and ISFJ fit me to a tee. If you’d like to take the test for free, check out this link Free Personality Test, 16 Personalities.

I pick up trash when walking my dogs as I dislike litter. (Goes with the personality traits mentioned above). I report pot holes, streetlight outages, downed street signs. (If I see something that needs fixing, I go about doing it or call the right folks to get it done.) Waste, as in waste of resources, be it water, people, etc. is a pet-peeve of mine. I’ll add to this list as I see fit and as I further contemplate about ‘who I am.’

I hope as time goes on you’ll find reasons to come back and see what’s going on here … past, present, and future.