A new day in the ‘animal kingdom’

Do you ever feel like your life revolves around your animals?  I do. I guess because I didn’t experience motherhood, this is my version of it.

My employer has granted us the opportunity to work from home a couple days a month and, while it’s nice, these darn animals, mainly the dogs, think that it is still the week-end and that I should be able to walk or entertain them at any given moment. Sometimes the guilt is almost unbearable. 🙂

Then, on the other hand, I’ll come home from work after being with a multitude of people in a fairly open environment and all I want to do is veg out and have about 5 feet of space around me. Nope, not gonna happen. Beau’s place seems to be plastered to my shin (back to it) like he is my sentry.  Jake, ol’ 114 pound Jake is not far.  He’s just within a few feet as well.  (Pics forthcoming.)  I do complain about them a lot but I shouldn’t.  I am surely blessed with these two guys. They are loose in the house all day and don’t create any havoc (well, as long as I don’t leave a book sitting out) and they get along with the cats.  What more could a gal ask for?